IT Department - Attention to All students who will take Course Project for Semester 1 AY 2017/2018 All Specializations

16 May 2017

Dear Students:

If you are planning to take course project in semester 1 AY 2017/2018 please do the following:

  1. Prepare a Proposal for the course project, you can get the proposal template from the CP Coordinators. If you do not finalize your proposal during semester 3 AY 2016/2017, you will not be allowed to register course project in semester1 AY 2017/2018.
  2. Check with the CP Coordinators about the title/scope of your project before you prepare the proposal.  The CP coordinators have a list of all projects done in AY 2016/2017, these projects cannot be repeated.
  3. The students are allowed to use /download codes from the internet as long as it is less than or equal   30% of the total project code. This code when used should be totally understood by the student and he/she should be able to answer any question related to it.
  4. The Supervisors can guide the students during the coding part especially if the students are facing   problems. All lecturers in the department can help the students if they are welling and have time in solving errors/problem of codes.
  5. Sample projects will be available for students as a gaudiness. These projects can be used only as a guide with the supervision of the CP supervisor’s   .This will not affect the new project    because the new project will have at least 70% new functionalities that will not be the same as the sample projects.
  6. There will be a list of these sample course projects   and sample reports in the CP room.  Borrowing and returning these projects will be controlled by the CP coordinators.
  7. All projects used as samples and all projects that were done in  Semester 1,semester2 and semester 3 AY 2016/2017 will be excluded from the   course projects  which the students can do in Sem1 AY 2017/2018.

If you have any question ,any clarification or detail you can contact

  1. Mr Anshar or MS Rachana                    Software Engineering specialization
  2. Mr Farhan or Mr. Vineet                        Database specialization 
  3. Ms Huda al Ghafri or MS Sunitha          IS Specialization
  4. Mr Narayana   or Mr. RaheeZ                IES specialization
  5. Ms   K.J.Sasikala  or Ms Praba               Network specialization
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