IT Department - Registration for Course Projects Sem1, AY (2018/2019)

15 May 2018

Attention: All students who will take Course Project in Semester 1 AY 2018/2019 (S/W Engineering, Database and IS specializations).


Dear Students:

If you are planning to take Course Project in Semester 1 AY 2018/2019, please do the following:

1. Register your Name, Level and Specialization with the following CP Coordinators

  • Mr Anshar or MS RACHANA - Software Engineering specialization
  • Mr Farhan or Mr. Vineet - Database specialization 
  • Ms Huda al Ghafri or MS Sunitha - IS Specialization

2. Check with the CP Coordinators about the title/scope of your project before you decide on the title of your  project .  The CP coordinators have a list of all projects done before , these projects cannot be repeated.

3. After Registration, You will be provided with a link for an ONLINE Proposal Template. Please fill it with your proposal details.

Note:  The CP coordinators will guide you on how to fill this document and how to communicate with the reviewers ONLINE.

4. Finalize your proposal Online according to the feedback given by the reviewers.

5. After the proposal has been finalized, approved and accepted by the two reviewers, student should submit the hard copy of the tracing sheet duly signed by students and the two reviewers to the CP coordinators.

6.  You can start working with your project.  

If you have any question, clarification or details, you can contact the CP coordinators.

The deadline for registration is on 1/6/2018.  Any student who did not register will not be allowed to  take the Course Project in Semester 1, AY 2018/2019

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