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Applied Sciences Department- Conduction of Staff Induction Programs for AY 2016-17 By Dr. Mohammed Shafiq Ahmed & Dr. Julnar E. Pepito

13 December 2016

Staff Induction program is a regular yearly activity at the department of applied sciences undertaken for the benefit of the newly recruited staff members. The program gives guidance for the newly recruited staff in understanding the prevailing culture and access to the sources of the documented procedures prevailing in the department. This program is targeted for orienting the newly recruited staff members to utilize their energies for the growth of the department and the institution by building the long term cordial working relationship with the already existing vibrant team. A document entitled “Staff Orientation handbook” is available at the following link.

The above document was evolved as an output from the strategic trainings given to 41 staff members recruited in the past four years to improve\modify their teaching practices suiting the needs of the department by inculcating, enhancing and encouraging in them a selfless service motto. Glimpses of the induction programs conducted in the previous academic years can be had from the following links.


The following two lecturers are induced in this academic year 2016-17
1.    Dr.Sikander Ali. Lecturer of Physics
2.    Dr.Manal Humaid Al Khanbashi, Lecturer in Applied Biology.

This activity was initiated on the directions of Dr. Mohammed Ali Oueslati, Head of Applied Sciences Department. Dr.Mohammed Shafiq Ahmed, Head of Section of Physics conducted an induction program to the recently recruited lecturer of physics Dr.Sikander Ali on 25-09-2016 at his chambers in room number M202 from 10 am to 11 am.   Under the guidance of Dr.Afraa Said Al-Adawi, Head of Applied Biology section, Dr. Julnar E. Pepito, Lecturer of Applied Biology & Quality Officer of the Department conducted a mini induction program to Dr.Manal Humaid Al Khanbashi, a recently recruited lecturer of Applied Biology on 23-10-2016 at the office of the HoS of Applied Biology 9 am to 10 am..

In both the sessions, the recent recruits are formally induced to the existing procedures and practices. The persons officiating in various capacities, systems, facilities and a brief history of the department are also presented to them. The feedback from both the participants was collected. Besides the induction program conducted at the department level, the newly recruited staff members are going to attend another INDUCTION PROGRAM conducted at the college level on 15-12-2016 from 9-00 am onwards in the HCT, MPH.

Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu

Mr. Romeo, Dr. Manal, Dr.Sikander, Mr. Ulyssess Andres

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