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OJT - Business Studies Conducted Orientation and Guest Lecture for Graduating Students

19 December 2016

OJT Business department has conducted an orientation session for the student on 28th November, 2016 between 10:00 AM to 12:00 Noon in BS56. It also included the guest speaker was Mr. Haitham Al Harthy, (Senior Business Manager, Oman Oil). The students were guided about the procedures, rules and the office etiquettes to be followed during the training. The OJT team explained the key essentials of the OJT i.e. need for training, registration procedure, company allocation, college assessment and graduation procedure. The students were also informed about the outcome for noncompliance of the procedures. Graduating bachelor level students registered during the orientation program with the help of the OJT Team.

Mr. Haitham Al Harthy, demonstrated the student about the future need and requirement of the corporate sector in Oman, and how the student should prepare themselves for the upcoming corporate challenges. He explained that the corporate environment in Oman has become more challenging as the market is going through a very tough hassle track. The low crude oil prices have created the slowdown in economic growth and have impact on overall business sector. Oman marketing condition had become more challenging as in such environment how the business could be bring upon a profitable track.

He further stated that the working in Oman will find that the country's recent history of dependence on skilled workforce which has paved the way for a smooth transition into business culture. Over a quarter of the country's population is comprised of expat workers, and the Omani workforce is not only accustomed to the presence of foreign workers, but sensitive to their needs and supportive of their talents too. The Oman workforce is needed to fill the gap of required skill labor where it is needed.

Mr. Haitham Al Harthy explained to the student about the future condition of the corporate sector and how to sustain in such environment, how student should prepare them so they can best fit to their job roles. As a country development depends on its skilled labor force availability and HCT is one of the best institutions in the country which is continuously producing the best quality of skilled worker for the nation.

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