Fashion Design Department

47th Oman National Day Event at Fashion Design Department

26 November 2017

The Fashion Design Department celebrated the 47th Oman National Day in Style on the 22nd of November 2017. The department invited the Dean, Dr. Khalid Abdulaziz Ambusaidi,  to cut the cake and pass through a small workshop in the Fashion Design Department corridor. The purpose was to showcase the students' talents. The students collaborated with each other and explained to the Dean their ways of expressing love to Oman and His Majesty through their talent and fashion knowledge.

National Day in Style

The corridor was divided into ten (10) sections:

    • Section 1 ( cake cutting )
    • Section 2 ( Faces drawing talent)

    • Section 3 (drawing His Majesty picture using beads and sparkling threads)         

    • Section 4 ( drawing His Majesty photo)

    • Section 5 ( sewing pins watches)
    • Section 6 ( stamp finger prints on Omani flag )
    • Section 7 ( dummy draping by using the Omani flag colors)

  • Section 8 ( coloring on t-shirt )
  • Section 9 and 10 ( drawing on fabric and coloring )

At the end of the event, students and staff socialized and celebrated the national day. Students were really happy and were talking about their experience.

Written by:
Ms. Maryam Al Khusaibi


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