Fashion Design Department


 S.N.  Room Name  Room No.  Purpose of Use
 1  HOD Office  BS017 Head of Department's office
 2  Showroom  BS015  Display room of available fabrics to be used by students
 3  Fashion Design Room 1  BS013  Class for Fashion Design courses - 1st Year Diploma
 4  Fashion Design Room 2  BS012  Class for Fashion Design courses - 2nd Year Diploma and Advanced Diploma
 5  Workshop 1  BS021  Workshop class for Pattern Making - 1st Year Diploma
 6  Workshop 2  BS011  Workshop class for Pattern Making - 2nd Year Diploma and Advanced Diploma
 7  Staff Room & Printing Room  BS020  Offices room for Staff & Printing ROom for Staff and Students
 8  Storage Room  BS09  Room for equipment and material storage
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