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Pharmacy HOD

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Pharmacy Department of Higher College of Technology. We hope you will enjoy studying in this department and look forward to help you to achieving the goals of Assistant Pharmacy Diploma. Our objective is not only to train you to become a professional, but also to cultivate certain good qualities, values and discipline which would make you a better citizen. Education and training without these qualities are meaningless. I hope you will help us to accomplish these objectives.

Head of Department
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Pharmacy Latest News

  • 3 days ago
The Pharmacy Department had organized industrial visit to National Pharmaceutical Industries, Oman on 4.12.2018. The visit was supervised by 4 departmental staff – Dr.B.C.Neetu,  Ms.Hamda Khadayam Al-Jabri and Ms. Manjulla Abraham. The final semester students (28) participated in the visit and it