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Learning to use a camera, especially a digital one, takes a matter of hours. With some dedication a student can learn all he or she needs to know about how to use a digital camera in a week or two of full-time study.

Learning to see and think photographically, critically, takes years. Learning to integrate your visualization with the technology of digital imaging to the extent that you are producing state- of the art images that reflect a personal vision, can take a lifetime.

The Photography Department intends to be a wellspring of inspiration for its students and for the Photographic and media industries and society in Oman.

The mission of the Photography Department is to achieve and sustain an ongoing level of excellence in teaching, informing and inspiring our students.

The department is dedicated to the delivery of high quality technical instruction as well as a sophisticated level of aesthetic education and aims to produce graduates who have the professional, technical, aesthetic and personal skills to operate in the global media/advertising market or enter employment with confidence, contributing effectively to the Sultanate's ongoing creative and economic development.

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