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Library Sections

General Reference Section
An entire shelve of multiple general encyclopedic works including dictionaries, hand books, directories and etc.

Newspaper and Magazine Section
Currently situated near the entrance of the library, it houses various local and international magazines and currently subscribed to 9 major new paper publications namely:

English Subscription المجلات العربية ( الاشتراك السنوي )
Muscat Daily جريدة عمانb
Times of Oman الوطن
Oman Tribune الرؤية
Oman Daily Observer الشبيبة

 Omani Section
It houses materials and publication all about the country of Oman its people, history, art, culture, and other related resources.

General Circulation Section
The backbone of the library which houses the collection of books on Agriculture, Architecture, Life Sciences, Buildings, Management and Auxiliary Services, Chemistry and Applied Science, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Other Branches of Engineering, Drawing and Decorative Arts, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Earth Sciences, Geography and History, Home Economics and Family Living, Languages, Mathematics, Manufacturing, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Medical Sciences, Physics, Philosophy and Psychology, Social Sciences, Technology and Applied Sciences.

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