Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit

Message from the EIU Head

Entrepreneurship is one of the important  topics in the world , especially in Oman after the small and medium enterprise (SME) development symposium at Saih Al Shamikhat in Bahla Wilayat in 2013.

Entrepreneurship is very important to develop the SME sector in any economy , however creativity and Innovation plays an important role in developing this sector. In addition ,HCT is one of the largest higher educational intuitions in Oman that focuses on providing knowledge to its students and developing their skills.

Here was the need to have a Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit that will host the students and encourage them to think critically , which help to create entrepreneurial culture in the College . Moreover, this would be by having an interaction with the different  Internal and External stakeholders , such as : College Admin , Students ,Lecturers , Public Sector ,Private Sector, SMEs and Educational institutions .

EIU's aim is to provide a forum for students to network and share ideas, provide an environment that will foster innovation and entrepreneurship and help students cultivate and develop their own ideas. Whether in the context of starting their own business or working for a firm with an entrepreneurial culture the center endeavors to help students make the most of their time at College and to equip them for the challenges they face after graduation. The HCT-Entrepreneurship Cell aim is to foster an environment that would empower them to learn from each other and from the experiences of people who have undertaken such a journey in their lives.

Ms. Samira Ahmed Al Mamari
Head - Entrepreneurship and Innovation Unit
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