Computer Services Section

“Library is a Store House of Knowledge and

Power Generation of Knowledge”

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the HCT Library. The library is well equipped with relevant educational resources to fulfill the information requirements of our staff and students. At present the library has 13,575 books (6000 titles), which cover all major subjects. Electronic information plays a key role in Engineering Education. Keeping this in view, the library subscribes to ASTM Standards and Digital Library. In addition to that, the library has laptop borrowing section where the students can borrow the laptop for their academic purpose. Also, Cubicles, Discussion Rooms and an excellent reading hall are available inside the library for the benefit of the users. We invite you to use the learning resources and become a good citizen of Oman. We encourage your suggestions and ideas for the further development of the library.

“Read Today and Lead Tomorrow”

The Library Services Section

The role of the library is indispensable one in the higher education sector to enhance the quality of the education. The HCT Library with sincere commitments plays a vital role to support the teaching and learning process of the college.