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  • 1 month ago
Please press the PLAY button to watch the video below for DAY 1 WORKSHOP. Please press the PLAY button to watch the video below for DAY 2

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"I learned every day new things; mixing my abilities with specific knowledge of others was useful to learn different things."
Ms. Salma Mohammed Al Kharusi
B. Tech. (Applied Chemistry)

"The training really helped me to improve my skills and confidence."
Mr. Majid Abdullah Al Busaidi
B. Tech. (Applied Chemistry)


College Dean

College Dean


In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most compassionate.

I am very delighted to welcome you to the Higher College of Technology in Muscat. I hope you will enjoy exploring our website and that you will find the information you are looking for.

The Higher College of Technology (HCT) is founded in 1984, with an objective to enrich the Omani youth with the knowledge and skills to encounter daily challenges at the work place. It is considered to be the second largest higher education institution in Oman...

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