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HCT comprises seven Academic departments; namely: Engineering, Business Studies, Applied Sciences, Information Technology (IT), Pharmacy, Fashion Design, and Photography.

Among other things, HCT is reputed and distinguished for its programs which are based on the changing local market needs. The private sector has contributed and is still contributing in outlining the syllabi of the programs currently offered in the college.

One of the merits of these programs is on-job training which is  a compulsory requirement for their successful completion. This helps students link what they have studied at college with what is actually required in the work place. In addition, the feed back collected during the follow up visits by the college staff helps in updating and improving the syllabi of the programs to cope with the changes in the market needs and developments. Thus, the college produces graduates who meet the local market needs at each one of the three  levels in the offered programs:  diploma, advanced  diploma, and bachelor.

All HCT students are general secondary school graduates who sit for a placement test once they are registered. They are then placed in the appropriate level depending on their score in the test. This provides ample opportunities for each of them to benefit from the foundation program at the college. Later, students join the academic departments and proceed from one level to another depending on criteria related both to their GPA and TOEFL  scores.

The college is dynamic to respond to the changing needs of the market in terms of opening new majors or fading out others.

Details of programs offered in the seven departments can be seen by clicking on (Department) icon at the college website

Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
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