Admission and Registration Department

The Department of Admission and Registration is one of the most important departments in the college. It provides various services to the students, such as guidance and regulations related to admission and registration. It also works in accordance with all academic departments in tracking down the exact status for each student once they enter the college until they graduate. 

The department offers the following services to students:

  • Facilitates the admission and enrollment of students in the college.
  • Develops and implements the university’s policies and procedures pertaining to the admission and registration of new students, inter-college transfer students and part-time students.
  • Issues of ID cards, transcripts, and other academic credentials to the students.
  • Serves as a liaison between students and academic departments.
  • Coordinates with other colleges and universities with regards to the students’ enrollments.
  • Prepares and safeguards the enrolled students’ credentials during their stay in the university and after graduation.
  • Prepares students’ timetables and examination schedules in coordination with academic departments.

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Head of Admission and Registration Department
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