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Assistant Dean for Student Affairs

Dear Students,

As an officially appointed Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, I take this opportunity to inform you that our role here is to serve and support you in achieving your academic and personal goals during and after your stay in this college. We act as an advocate for your rights, issues and concerns that contribute or enhance your abilities to continue your education. We work closely with all the Academic Departments in order to enhance our services to you. We also play a major role in involving you through out-side classroom activities whereby your creativity, physical, intellectual or leadership skills become exposed and known to the College Community. We also protect your security and confidentiality of your records.

It is true that we strive hard to enable you to adhere to the rules and regulations of this college as per the Bylaws and their amendments and you may not be in favor of some of these rules but do not forget that it is our hope that you will continue to recognize us as a major supporting body to most of your problems that you encounter. We also hope that you check the College Website and notice boards regularly as important information concerning registration and examination timetables and job offers are continuously displayed.

We are here mainly to support you and attend to your needs that will enable you to become a successful graduate of HCT. We wish you all the best.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
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