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The Department of On-Job Training is responsible for providing on-job training opportunities to students of all departments. Students are expected to undergo OJT before exiting Diploma, Higher Diploma and B-Tech level. OJT is an essential part of the academic curriculum of HCT and students cannot graduate without doing OJT. Students are expected and encouraged to undergo training especially in companies and institutions of private sector through coordination of academic departments. OJT enables students to gain experience that helps them in their field of specialization.

Mr. Mohammed Ahmed Al Shidi
On-the-Job Training Department - Head
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  • On The Job Training (OJT), is an academic Program offered by the colleges of the technologies for their outgoing graduates.
  • This program is offered at three (3) levels Diploma, advanced Diploma and Bachelors.
  • The students have to achieve a specific level of competence at each stage to enable them to qualify for the next stage.
  • After completion of the theoretical and practical training at each stage specified in the curriculum every student is required to undergo On-the- Job Training (OJT) for eight weeks (300 hours.) In private or public sector organizations.

OJT program will enable the student to:

  • Provide an effective training environment to students and organizations.
  • Create awareness among students and staff about the importance of OJT.
  • Train students to take responsibility and respect workplace rules.
  • Provide opportunities for students to apply theories and principles learned in class to real job settings.
  • Encourage students to be innovative, initiative and self-confident.
  • Provide guidance to students in finding suitable job.
  • OJT helps in Improving and developing the skills that students acquired at the college.
  • Students can learn how to interact and work cooperatively and effectively at the work place.
  • Students can learn the importance of team work and accomplishing task in time.
  • Students can improve their communication skills, Language skills both written and verbal.
  • It Develops self-confidence and teaches the benefits of a positive attitude.
  • OJT helps the students, how to use equipment that they may have used at the college or may have seen or discussed at the college.
  • It will help the students to find out about possible work after they have finished their course at the college.

The OJT procedure is divided into three phases:

A. Pre-OJT Phase

1. Before the student starts OJT, an orientation is given through an OJT workshop organized at the beginning of each semester by the Head of OJT and Departmental OJT Coordinators at the Department level, on the following topics:
     a. Orientation on Corporate Culture.
     b. Workplace discipline
     c. Punctuality
     d. Workplace etiquettes
     e. Relationship with Supervisors and Co-workers etc.
2. Students in their final semester of their level (Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Bachelors) shall register in the OJT online system within the specified period of time, failing which; he or she shall receive a reminder to register his/her name following by a suspension in the Students Management System.
3. The students opting to do OJT in the public sector have to submit a training request form approved by their respective departmental coordinators to the OJT Department
4. After receiving the training confirmation from the company/institution, students should take their OJT Logbook to record day-to-day activities.
5. After receiving the confirmation from students about the joining date, the Departmental OJT Coordinator will assign College Assessor to the students. The assigning of College Assessors will be based on the specialization area per staff per student. (I.e. Staff from Electrical Section will be the College Assessor for Students in the same Section or Department).

B. During-OJT Phase

1. During the training period, the students will be required to maintain a regular contact with their College Assessor as well as the Industrial Supervisor.
2. Students are required to maintain and update properly their OJT Log books in the course of training. The attendance of trainees must be consistently and regularly marked in the OJT Log book.
3. The log book must be properly attested with a stamp and seal of the industrial supervisor before submitting it to the college OJT coordinators.

C. Post-OJT Phase

1. Within two weeks of completing of the training, the students must submit the logbook and written report to the College Assessor.
2. If a student fails to submit the log book to the college assessor without a valid reason, an appropriate action will be taken by student Affairs department.
3. The College Assessor will then submit a Completion Report of the students to the Departmental OJT Coordinator before providing a signed copy to the Registration Department.
4. The OJT department will upgrade the student status from OJT to graduate after receiving an email from the departmental OJT coordinators.

OJT program will enable the student to:

  • Training Placements: OJT Department in coordination with the academic departments arranges training placements for the students based upon their specializations.
  • Campus Interviews & job Placements: OJT Department will coordinate with the organizations and will organize campus interviews followed by Job Placements.
  • Career Fairs: Organizes Career Fairs, by inviting both public and private sectors organizations.
  • In coordination with the academic departments OJT departments invites/organizes guest lectures, Seminars, Workshops etc.
  • Advertising Services: In coordination with the organizations OJT Department will collect information about the available job vacancies and announce in the campus and on the website.
  • Coordination Services: Help coordinate communication channels between organizations, students and HCT administration.
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