Student Advisory Council

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1- What are the Student Advisory Council's view and goals?
Answer: The aim of the Student Advisory Council is to make communication effective between students and the college administration as well as playing a major role in giving solutions and suggestions for problems that faces the students during the years of study in the college.

2- How is the Student Advisory Council formed?
Answer: The Student Advisory Council is formed by elections done at the beginning of each academic year in which each department chooses representatives of the council .

3- What is the duration for a student to be in the council?
Answer: The student has the right to represent his department for one academic year with the possibility of running for each new council as long as he is a student in the college.

4- Am I entitled to run in the elections for a position in the Student Advisory Council?
Answer: Yes, any student who would be able to help the students  is allowed to run for a position in the Student Advisory Council.

5- How many representatives are there for each department?

6- How can I contact my department representative?
Answer: There is an e-mail account for each department representative to enable the communication process with the students.