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07 February 2023

• 8 Courses offered this semester from Chemistry Section as follow:

1. Chemistry 1 practical (ASCH1206P) 
2. Industrial Chemistry 1 practical (CHEM2203P)
3. Environmental chemistry practical (CHEM3301P)
4. Food chemistry practical (CHEM4302P)
5. Development and application practical (CHEM4204)
6. Spectroscopy practical (ASAC3206)
7. Fundamentals Of Chemistry for engineering practical (CHEM1100P, CHEM1120P)
8. General chemistry II practical (CHEM2200P)

• 3 Courses offered this Semester from Environmental Sciences as follow:

1. Principle of Environmental Science (ENVS2101)
2. Biosafety (ENVS4107)
3.Environmntal Impact Practical (ENVS3201P)

• 2 Courses form the Department (Common Courses) offered this semester as follow:

1.Quality Assurance theory& Practical (QAQC3200/QAQC3200P, ASQA3104/ASQA3104P)
2. Safety & Lab Management theory & practical (SLOM1301/SLOM1301P, ASLS1104/ASLS1104P)

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