EJAAD Research Industry Challenge

30 January 2020

Title of the Industry Challenge: 

“What is possible usage for residual process stream from Sohar Aluminium called "bath" that contains approximately 40% of Al203”

Challenge(s) Description: 

 Looking for possible usage opportunity, potential client that can process Sohar Aluminium residual process material called "bath". It is available in different purities ranging from 35% to 60% Alumina (Al203) containing some impurities.

Detailed analyses of this in nature granular material are as following:

1- Chemical Characteristics: ALF3 <12% CAF2 <7% MgF2 <1% Lif <1% KF <1% C <1% Fe2o4 <1000 ppm SiO2 <800 ppm P2O <120 pm,

2- Physical Characteristics: - Grain Size distribution mean size between and 5 mm, <75 µm < 5 % 75 µm 50 % <15 mm > 95 % <20 mm = 100 %

Budget for Challenge:

1,000.00 OMR

Current Status:

Open for Local Submission

Closing Deadline:


Type of Submission

Expressions of Interest

How to Submit:

1.  Open Oman Research Portal -

2.  Institutional Login to RIMS (Institute: Higher College of Technology | User Name & Password: College User ID and Password)

3.  Go to Ejaad Research and give Expression of Interest on the title.


Industry Challenge Requirements to submit through RIMS (Research Information Management System)

1.      Description of Proposed Solution

2.      Additional Values for Solution

3.      Researcher Biography, Competency and Related Research Experience

4.      Duration in Days

5.      Budget Required

6.      Attach required documents


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