Final Examination Timetables (with dates and timings) - Semester 3, A.Y. 2018-2019

09 June 2019


1. Students who failed to take final examination must submit their requests for make-up examinations within one week from the date of the missed examination(s), with the attached justification for absence, to the designated coordinator for the department concerned.

· ELC – Mr. Khalid Al Balushi (A220);
· AS – Mr. Hakeemulla Syed (M119);
· IT – Mr. Balasupramanian N. (N221);
· BUS – Mr. Anand (BS59);
· PHOTO – Mr. Irfan Mohammed (Building 5);
· MIE – Dr. Babu Rao Gaddala (ME216);
· CAE – Mr. Rameez Dabre (AR105C) or Mr. Mohammed Ihtesham (AR001)
· EEE – Mr. Manavver Ali (CE111)
· PHAR – Mrs. Al-Khansa Khalid Al-Hashmi

2. Students are allowed to take two exams in a day. EXAM CLASH only refers to courses that have the same day and timing.

Applied Sciences
Business Studies (updated as of 24th June 2019)
English Language Center - Post Foundation
Civil and Architectural Engineering Section
Electrical, Electronics Engineering Section 
Information Technology - Post Foundation
Information Technology - Foundation
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Section

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