Attention: All students who will take Course Project in Semester 2 AY 2019/2020 (S/W Engineering and Database specialization)

12 November 2019

Dear Students:

If you are planning to take course project in semester 2 AY 2019/2020, please do the following:

  1. Register your group, name, Level and specialization with the following CP coordinators (Mr Anshar or Ms. RACHANA)
  2. Check with the CP Coordinators about the title/scope of your project before you decide on the title of your project . The CP coordinators have a list of all projects done before , these projects cannot be repeated.
  3. After registration, You will be provided with a Proposal Template . Please fill it with your proposal details.
  4. All students are requested to form a group of two(2) students for the B tech level and three students (3) for the advanced diploma level. Students who wish to work alone should take permission from The HOS before registration
    (and he/she should have a valid acceptable special case reason). Else, if the student failed to join a group he/she will be placed with another student/group at the beginning of semester2 by the CP coordinators.

If you have any question ,any clarification or details you can contact the CP coordinators .

The deadline for registration is 5/12/2019. Any student who did not register will not be allowed to take the course project in semester2 AY 2019/2020.

Note: There are some topics for the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Manpower available for students to choose from for the CP next semester. Please check the titles if you are interested with the CP coordinators.

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