Post Foundation English Make-up Mid-Semester Exams Instructions and Schedule

20 February 2019

Instructions to Students


The PF English Make-up Mid Semester Exams are scheduled for Thursday, 28 February, 2019.

The students who did not take the MSE due to any reason (for example medical grounds, personal issues, conflict with any other exams, ID issues,  late coming etc.) should appeal to the Director within one week from the date of the Mid-Semester Examination. They also have to submit the proof of their excuses along with the appeal forms.

In the case of ID issues, late coming and other similar issues, the students also have to sign an undertaking and submit it along with the appeal form. These students should meet the ELC Secretary (Room A 219, ELC) for the appeal forms and undertaking forms. Then they should fill the forms and submit them to the Director not later than Thursday, 21 February, 2019 (within one week from the date of the Mid-Semester Examination).

The Schedule for the Make-up MSE is given below

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