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ELC - Updated Post Foundation Mid-Semester Examination Schedule and Instructions

13 February 2018

Note to the students who are taking the PF English MSE

· The date of the exam remains the same.
· The timings of the exams remain the same.
· There are changes in the venues of the exams of TW1 and TW2. SP rooms are changed.
· Students should check the venue changes in the updated PF English MSE Schedule which is posted in the college website.
· There will be regular classes during the exam week.
· Students are excused from attending their specialization classes (only during their PF English MSE timings) for taking the PF English MSE.
· All PF English classes are cancelled (including Public Speaking) on the exam day.
· If a student fails to attend the Post-Foundation English Mid-Semester Exam for a valid excuse, a make-up examination will be arranged. However, the student should appeal to the Director with the proof of his/her valid excuse within one week from the date of the Mid-Semester Examination he/she fails to attend.

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