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Media Committee

Higher College of Technology recognizes the role of public relations and mass media in image building, transparent management system and establishing good relation to the public. Embedded in such premise is a realization that the different mass media, be it print or broadcast, should be a good partner of the University in releasing information about its programs, activities and events that are noteworthy for press release. A committee needs to liaise the said collaborative alliance between the university and the different mass media; hence, the Media Committee of the university is created. The committee is composed of members with varied fields of specialization considering that they come from the different departments of the University. This means therefore, that each academic department of the University is equally represented in the committee. Part of the responsibility of the committee is to invite print and broadcast media (Arabic and English language) and selected journalists or radio/TV crews upon the directive of the University dean, whenever a noteworthy event will be conducted in the University. It is also the responsibility of the committee to ensure that a well-drafted press release is prepared and released whenever a member of the administration, staff or student body performed a newsworthy act or achieved an honor for or on behalf of the College.

As an avenue towards the fulfillment of its responsibilities and a platform of its commitment towards a well-informed public, a webpage dedicated to the Media Team is created in the University website. The webpage serves as an easy access to the information regarding the activities of the committee and to the news and reports about the various events and activities that take place in University. It is with great pleasure to welcome you to the Media Committee webpage.

Deputy Chairman of the Media Committee