Media Committee

About Us

The formation of Media Committee was decided based on: the importance and the role of the College events and activities in promoting the college message, the importance of enhancing communication between the college and the external and internal bodies through organizing and facilitating the necessary procedures when receiving guests or when setting up  the events and activities of the college, in addition to the importance of presenting those  activities internally and externally, thus contributing to presenting the college in a  decent way and this in turn will contribute to achieving the goals aimed by the  college.

Media Committee Responsibilities:

  1. Each member facilities the procedures related to his/her Department or as decided by the committee.
  2. Photograph, publish, advertise and document all the college activities.
  3. Contact the other media committees’ members in other department by given reports about the college activities.
  4. Prepare an annual report in English and Arabic in coordination with ETC about all the activities in the college.
  5. Edit the report written by Student Affairs to maintain accuracy.
  6. Prepare documentary and brochures abut the college when needed.
  7. Prepare a detailed budget for the committee at the beginning of each semester and submit it to the college dean.
  8. Coordinate with the Student Affairs about the activities designed for the semester.
  9. Enhance students and staff knowledge about media; journalism, report, photographing and its regulations and policies in the Sultanate.
  10. Coordinate with Public Relation section ahead of each activity to sustain perfection. 
  11. Any other duties related to the committee.
  12. Any duties assigned by the dean.