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Our Business Students Bagged The First & The Second Prizes in The Monolith 2018 Competition Congratulations! We are Proud of You!

06 December 2018

Monolith 2018” an inter-college competition organized by the Ibri College of Technology held last November 26, 2018. The competition involved three (3) business games; Blooms Pyramids, Business Puzzle and Firm’s Logo. One of the criteria of the competition required diversity of skills, such as: communication, problem solving, analysis and team work skills.

Once again, our students showcased their talents, skills and abilities by bagging the 1st prize for the Blooms Pyramids and the 2nd prize for the Business Puzzle.

Congratulations to the winners: Nadir Al Salami (Human Resource), Maathir Al-Nabhani (Marketing) and Shamsa Al-Zadjali (Marketing).

Further, sincerest gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Ibrahim Al-Balushi, (Students Affairs Staff), who accompanied and supported the students in going to the competition.


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