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Workshop on "EFA (Exploratory Factor Analysis) to CFA (Confirmatory Factor Analysis) using Plug-in Options"

19 May 2021

Event organizer : Staff Development Committee

Head of the Department: Dr Bassam Khalil Hamdan Tabash

Presenter : Dr S. Porkodi

Venue, Date and Time: – 4th May 2021 @ 9 .30 AM to 10.30 AM through MS Teams – (2020-21).

The Staff Development Committee of Business Studies Department organized a workshop on “Exploratory Factor Analysis to Confirmatory Factor Analysis”. This training was presented by Dr S. Porkodi, a Lecturer from Business Studies Department, UTAS. The main goal of this workshop is to enrich the knowledge of staff relating to Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis. The participants are the interested staff from Business Studies Department.

Dr Porkodi started the session with the introduction of Exploratory Factor Analysis and Confirmatory Factor Analysis. And the following points were discussed during the session.

  • Features of Exploratory Factor Analysis.
  • Explanation of latent variable.
  • Types of measuring latent variables
  • CFA diagram ( Measurement theory)
  • One factor Confirmatory Factor Analysis VS Multifactor Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  • Drawing variables in Amos software
  • Additional plugins and usage of plugins.
  • Computation of Exploratory Factor Analysis.
  • Effects of standardized estimates and unstandardized estimates.
  • Proposed model and model fit.
  • Fixing model based on degrees of freedom.
  • Classification of fit measures: Absolute fit indices, Incremental fit indices and Parsimony fit indices.
  • Accessing the model fit.

The session was very interesting and effective. Questions were raised by the faculties and the doubts are clarified.

To conclude, Dr S. Porkodi conducted the workshop in an effective positive way and it was informative to all the faculties for further research.

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