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Ideation Technique: "The Tool of Excellence"

07 December 2021

Event organizer                       :   Staff Development Committee

Head of the Department          :  Dr Bassam Khalil Hamdan Tabash

Presenter                               :  Mr. Abdullah Zahir Mohammed Al Alawi

Venue, Date and Time             :  2nd December 2021 at 10 AM to 12 PM through MS Teams

The Staff Development Committee of Business Studies Department organized a workshop on “Ideation Technique”. This training was presented by Mr. Abdullah Zahir Mohammed Al Alawi, Director of Communication and Media at Muscat College. The main theme of this workshop is to design thinking process in generating ideas.

Mr Abdullah started the session with the introduction of Ideation Techniques and how to bring creative ideas to solve a problem through idea generation.

The following points were focused during the session:

  • How to creatively generate ideas for solving problems
  • Brain storming the quantity over quality of ideas through Brain dump, Brain walk, Brain storm and Brain write.
  • Step ladder – Everyone discuss and shares their ideas, so that the final ideas will be the best.
  • Round-robin – A powerful way to write ideas at a time. One person, one idea at a time, keep going until all the ideas are exhausted. It is the quality over quantity.
  • Change of scenery – An idea of doing brain storming in a place where we feel refreshing.
  • Scamper – Applying scamper adds processes of ideas. This technique of combining ideas is to substitute, combine, adopt, magnify, put to other users, eliminate and rearrange.
  • Eidetic images – Ideas generated through pictures.
  • Mind mapping – Ideas in mind can be spread in drawings like scratching and generating.
  • Figure storming – Brainstorming and finding a solution by bringing a public figure in a mind and generating ideas.
  • SWOT – Verifying the ideas with this techniques and part of the verification is the brainstorming.
  • Why – It is a way of questioning why and analyzing the problem.
  • Fishbone – Best techniques of generating ideas, is to find the cause and effect of the problem.
  • Star bursting – Generating ideas through questioning like, who, what how, when…

The session was interactive and enthusiastic. Questions were raised and the doubts were tailored. Coming to an end, Dr Abdullah conducted the workshop in a simple and attractive way, doubtlessly motivates the faculties to go for generating creative ideas relating to their task.

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