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The Business Studies Department conducted an Orientation Program for the students eligible for Summer Semester

30 April 2018

The Business Studies Department conducted an orientation program for the students eligible for summer semester. The program was conducted on March 26, 2018 (Monday) from 10am to 12 pm in the college auditorium. The objective of the program was to enlighten and provide a clear picture of OJT (On the Job Training) as well as provide insights on the labour market. The orientation was aimed at guiding the students to improve performance at work place.

First session of the program was conducted by Mrs. Reem Al-Farsi, introduced the OJT Team and a brief presentation about the purpose and regular procedure for OJT and then introduced the students to online registration system for OJT. She also conveyed the rules and procedures to be followed for graduating. Students were also informed that within five working days after completion of O.J.T. they need to submit the Logbook to get the clearance from the college otherwise their names will be sent to student affairs for further action.

The second session of the program was conducted by Mr. Mohammed Al-Shuaili and Badar Al-Zaabi  an SQU graduates. They presented and involved the students on a topic addressed as OJT in multinational companies. Their session was very interesting and interactive and much appreciated by all the students.

The program was highly appreciated and well taken by the participants. All OJT team members including Mr Ravi, Mr Irfan, Dr Krishna, Mr Sohrab and Dr Mohammed Riyaz Ms. Sameena worked very enthusiastically for the Orientation program.

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