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"Self-Motivation, What Is Your Foot Print Towards Your Personal Life"

28 October 2021

Event organizer                    : Staff Development Committee

Head of the Department       : Dr Bassam Khalil Hamdan Tabash

Presenter                           :  Mr. Omar Sulieman Al Bahri

Venue, Date and Time         : 21st October 2021 @ 10 AM to 12 PM at N337.

The Staff Development Committee of Business Studies Department organized a workshop on “Self-Motivation, what is your foot print towards your personal life”. This workshop was presented by Mr. Omar Sulieman Al Bahri, Head of partnership in Knowledge Oman & Country sales manager (International Organization), Oman. The main theme of this workshop is to persuade self-motivation among the faculties.

Opening session:

The session was opened by Dr. Bassam Khalil Hamdan Tabash, HOD of Business Studies Department with a brief introduction about the guest speaker as a Motivator, Psychologist and knowledge sharing is his passion.

Main session:

Mr Omar enthusiastically started the session with the discussion on Motivation as ‘Why we need Motivation” and the ‘key to self-motivation ‘and the following points were focused during the session:

  • A group of four members are asked to discuss about how they feel about ‘Motivation”, and shared their views.
  • A key to improve the soft skills through motivation?
  • Identifying motivation drives.
  • Each groups were asked to discuss about the Intrinsic goals and Extrinsic goals and the consolidation was presented by a member from each group.
  • Factors affecting intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.
  • Tips to find motivation.
  • How learning helps in growing skills.
  • Celebrate achievements and desires.

The session was very interesting; it is like an interactive discussion session. To conclude, Mr Omar conducted the workshop in an effective positive way which definitely create a passion towards motivation. As a part of self-motivation, Let’s celebrate and enjoy ourselves.

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