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Business Studies Department's Social Responsibility

01 February 2021

Over 18 billion species are living in the sea and using plastic becomes one of the world's biggest problem that has massive effect on marine species. How to stop plastic pollution? As a part of this community on Sunday 31, 2021, Business Studies Department Community Club, visited Al Hail beach and did some cleanup putting in mind the social distancing procedures.

One week before the visit, the club made a plan on how to get the funding and bought the clean up supplies consisting of bags, trash pickers and gloves.

On the day of the visit, Ms. Sharifa Al Toubi, Ms. Reem Al Farsi arrived on the location with the students. Every participant has been provided with the supplies. Volunteers has been reminded where and how to dispose the trash. The clean up took almost 4 hours and after that the supplies has been kept with the club leader for future use.

Both students and teachers were deeply happy by this action and played a role in reducing the threats caused by trash and marine debris. Students got to know more skills that would assist them in their future

Finally the club have a plan on regular visits in the future.

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