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Student Centered Learning

04 April 2021

Training Topic      : "Student Centered Learning

Event organizer     :   Staff Development Committee

Head of the Department: Dr Bassam Khalil Hamdan Tabash

Facilitator          :  Dr. Imran Hameed Khan

Venue, Date and Time: 1st Apr 2021 at 10 AM thru MS Teams

The Staff Development Committee of Business Studies Department organized a workshop on “Students Centered Learning”. This training was given by Dr Imran Hameed Khan, Lecturer, Business Studies Department, UTAS. The main theme of this training is to encourage all the faculties to practice student centered learning.

Dr Imaran Hameed Khan started the session with a brief introduction of student centered learning and its importance at UTAS. To get an idea of the generic concept of student centered learning, he started with an activity which was enthusiastic and an eagerness to the staff relating to student centered learning.

The following points were focused during the session.

  • Historical background of student centered learning in UTAS.
  • Four components of SCL ( Students voice, Choices, How to learn and Assessment).
  • How the university is committed to students centered learning.
  • Teacher’s responsibility in adding value to student centered learning.
  • Staff perception towards students centered learning.
  • Common pedagogical framework followed in UTAS.
  • Methods and learning styles related with pedagogical outcomes, how a common pedagogical framework helps in planning, teaching and assessment.
  • A discussion on simplified AVK styles in delivery plan (Auditory learners, Visual learners & kinesthetic learner.
  • Practices sharing discussion. How the lecture plan to be linked with vision and the end of the chapter with feedback, Revision of weak topics and the new methods of activities.

Before winding up the session, Dr Imran gave another activity “Personal preferred learning methods” which is related with the staff perception towards Students centered learning. The session was very enthusiastic and effective. Questions were raised by the faculties and the doubts are clarified. To conclude, Dr Imran Hameed conducted the workshop in an effective positive way and it was informative to all the faculties to practice student centered learning.

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