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Tally Workshop

02 May 2021

Event organizer     :   Staff Development Committee

Head of the Department: Dr Bassam Khalil Hamdan Tabash

Presented by:  Dr Phani Kumar

Venue, Date and Time: – BS026 - 18th March, 18th April, 20th April and 21st April at 8.30 to 10 AM, (2020-2021).

The Staff Development Committee of Business Studies Department organized a workshop on “Tally Program”. This workshop was presented by Dr Phani Kumar, Lecturer- Accounting, Business Studies Department, UTAS.

Opening session:

The session was opened by Dr Yousuf Al Bulushi, HOS of Accounting, pointed out the main purpose of the workshop was to involve more staff to enrich their practical skills in using Tally software. This encourages staff to be familiar with Tally and to utilize their own approach for better delivery of the course. The participants are the new Accounting lecturers and the interested Accounting staff. 

Dr Phani kumar started the session with a brief introduction of Tally program and how this Enterprise Resource Planning software is playing a vital part in corporates, need for computerized accounting system and the advantages of computer accounting software.  The workshop has four sessions.

In the first session, The Presenter Dr Phani kumar highlighted the following points.

  • Basic features of Tally.
  • Identification of the key components of Tally.
  • Start and exit Tally.
  • Set up information about a company.
  • Work on other companies in Tally.

The following points were focused during the second session.

  • Describe the basic functions of the Tally accounting system.
  • Create an initial chart of accounts from the pre-defined set in Tally.
  • Maintain the chart of accounts.
  • Enter opening balances into the ledgers.
  • Confirm that the chart of accounts and opening balances are correct.

The following points were focused during the third session.

  • Describe the purpose of the Tally vouchers.
  • Use vouchers to record accounting transactions.
  • Generate Daybook
  • Modify or delete vouchers recorded in the Tally

The following points were focused during the fourth session

  • The basic functions of the Tally
  • ERP 9 Inventory System
  • Creating and maintaining Inventory Masters
  • Creating and maintaining stock details
  • Creating stock items and entering opening balances
  • Generate Income Statement
  • Generate Balance Sheet
  • Generate any other reports as required

The presenter concluded all the sessions in an effective way, questions were raised by the staff and it was clarified in a constructive way. These workshops definitely enrich the practical aspects of dealing with Tally program.

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