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Business Studies Department - Training on "Block Funding Programmes - Guidelines for URG And GRG "

10 October 2021

Event organizer     :   Staff  Development Committee

Head of the Department: Dr Bassam Khalil Hamdan Tabash

Presenter        :  Dr Faiza Salim Awladthani

Venue, Date and Time: – 30th September 2021 @ 11 AM through MS Teams – (2020-21).

The Staff Development Committee of Business Studies Department in coordination with the Research Committee of Business Studies Department organized a training program on “BLOCK FUNDING PROGRAMMES - GUIDELINES FOR URG AND GRG”. This training was presented by Dr Faiza Salim Awladthani, HOS of Human Resource Management, Business Studies Department, UTAS. The main theme of this training is to encourage all the faculties to take part in research. The participants are the staff of Business Studies Department.

Dr Faiza started the session with a brief introduction on the Block Funding programs (BFP): GRG & (URG). And the following points were focused during session:

  • Block Funding Program by MoHERI for small and medium size research grants to support short term and midterm research project.
  • The proposals to be focused on National research priority areas as well as MoHERI priority themes.
  • Types of BFP like Research Grant ( RG), Graduate Research Grant (GRG) and Undergraduate Research Grant ( URG)
  • Dr Faiza emphasis the faculties to focus on GRG and URG.
  • Criteria for GRG funding projects (Which is reserved for Omanis but can be supervised by a non-Omani.
  • Criteria for URG funding projects (Targeted groups and the main role of the mentor).
  • Contents to be included in the research proposal.
  • Criteria for evaluating the proposal.
  • And a clear view of submission cycle and submission process.

The session was very clear and informative. To conclude, Dr Faiza Awladhani conducted the training session in an effective positive way and it was useful and immensely motivates the faculties to apply for funding projects.

bs-BFP-01.jpg bs-BFP-02.jpg bs-BFP-03.jpg

bs-BFP-04.jpg bs-BFP-05.jpg bs-BFP-06.jpg

bs-BFP-07.jpg bs-BFP-08.jpg bs-BFP-09.jpg


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