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The OJT Committee (Business Studies Department) conducted a Staff Orientation and Training on New OJT Online System

21 June 2020

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The OJT committee (Business Studies) conducted the orientation and training session for the staff on the new OJT online system on Wednesday 17/06/2020 @ 10 am. The meeting was conducted through MS Teams with staff members and lasted for an hour. Dr Anupum Sharma briefed the department about the new OJT online system. In addition to the features of the new system, she also instructed the staff on the usage of the new system. Some of the Points covered in the orientation were as follows:

  1. Logging in and entering data in the new OJT system
  2. Role and responsibilities of advisors for the new system including uploading projections, CGPA declaration, student enrollment and registration.
  3. Rules and regulations to be followed in the new system
  4. Checking and confirming the data entered
  5. Discussions about  OJT students left with 1 or 2 courses
  6. Discussions on links to be made available on the website
  7. Discussion on College Assessors panel
  8. Discussion on student panel.
  9. Clarification of doubts on OJT.

Faculty members found the system very user friendly and convenient. The Orientation program was well received and appreciated by all the staff members.

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