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Time to Go Online- OJT

15 December 2013

"Introducing online registration system for OJT in Business Studies Department "

Business studies department with the help of ETC department developed an online OJT registration system for the students.

Every semester the students going on training have to register for OJT. This online system will make the process convenient and effective for the students as well as advisors. The chances of human errors will also be less with the online system. The Head of Department initiated the process and Business department in collaboration with ETC department developed a new system. The system is planned to be implemented from the coming semester i.e. Semester II 2013-14.

On the Job training (OJT) committee of Business Studies department has conducted an orientation on “ONLINE REGRISTRATION FOR OJT” to its business students, on 3rd December 2013, at MPH. The committee members addressed OJT students and explained about the importance & guidelines of OJT. A presentation was given about online registration for OJT to create awareness among students going for training in the next semester i.e. Semester II (2013-14).

Students also took interest and clarified their doubts about OJT. Approximately 150 students attended the OJT online Registration orientation and it was well taken by the students. This is the first phase of the project. After the successful implementation of the system, the next phase of the project will be started. In future if interested the department would like to share it with the other departments of HCT .

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