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Workshop on Cluster Analysis

20 November 2022

Event organizer : Staff Development committee

Head of the Department: Dr Yousuf Al Bulushi

Facilitator : Dr K, Gowri

Venue, Date and Time: – 17th Nov 2022 at 12.30 PM to 2 PM through MS Teams.

Staff development committee organized a workshop on “Cluster Analysis”. This workshop was given by Dr Gowri, Associate Professor, PSG college of Arts & Science, Coimbatore, India. The main theme of this workshop is to encourage all the faculties to publish the research paper in high impact journals with the help of statistical tools like cluster analysis.

Dr Gowri started the session with the brief introduction on the research and how the cluster analysis helps in analyzing the data and the following points were focused.

  •   Analyzing data using Multivariate methods
  •   Various software’s for data analysis
  •   Hierarchical cluster, helps to identify how many clusters can be framed.
  •   Non Hierarchical cluster, identify the characteristic of cluster and to make decisions on those characteristics.
  •   Entering the data into SPSS and getting the cluster table.
  •   Deciding cluster based on co-efficient value.
  •   Cluster analysis using quick cluster in SPSS.
  •   To write interpretation for cluster analysis based on the result.

The session was very informative and effective. Questions were raised by the faculties and the doubts are clarified. To conclude, Dr Gowri conducted the workshop in an effective positive way and it was very informative to all the faculties to focus on cluster analysis for their further research.

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