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Department of Applied Sciences Celebrates the Staff Appraisal Awards Ceremony for the Academic Year 2014-15

01 April 2015

For the “world teacher is an ideal and for the teacher world is full of ideals”. Identifying this truth, the department of Applied Sciences initiated a tradition of encouraging and awarding certificates of appreciation to the most deserving staff, for the past five years under the academic leadership of the present Head of the Department in co-ordination with the Department Council and Staff Development Committee.

With the Oman’s traditional aroma from the frankincense wafting the auditorium of Higher College of Technology, Muscat decorated with the pictures of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos and the “Oman National Flag in the hands and hearts of everyone”, the ceremony started with an outburst of the patriotic sentiments at the backdrop of an audio of the Oman National Anthem and a video showing the vivid growth of the Sultanate over the years on the 26 th March 2015 at 1-00 pm.

A prayer asking the Almighty for the health and wellbeing of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos on behalf of all the staff of Department of Applied Sciences was read by Dr. Wafa Mustafa Al Lawati.

Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu, Staff Development Co-ordinator of the Department of Applied Sciences invited the audience and acted as the Master of Ceremonies for the event.

The Head of the Department of Applied Sciences Dr. Samiya Al-Jaaidi acted as the Chair-person of the ceremony and in her opening remarks congratulated Dr. Khalid Salim Al Abri, on his promotion as Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs. A token of appreciation is presented to Dr. Khalid in absentia.  Dr. Samiya also appreciated one and all, that made the Science Open day a grand success. 

Dr. Samiya Al-Jaaidi along with Dr. Sindhu, HoS Chemistry, Dr. Ghaitha, HoS Biology, Dr. Afraa, HoS Environmental Sciences and Dr. Karim, HoS  Physics awarded the Staff Appraisal Awards to the following staff members in recognition of their excellent services to the Department.

  1. Dr. Sabah Mohamed Al Maawali , Lecturer of Chemistry
  2. Dr. Rathin Kumar Banerjee Lecturer of Chemistry
  3. Dr. Juan Feliciano Policarpio, Lecturer of Biology
  4. Ms. Ume Salma, Lecturer of Physics
  5. Mr. Michael Legion, Lecturer of Environmental Sciences
  6. Ms. Thurayya Zahran Al Hinai, Lecturer of Biology
  7. Ms. Shalini Ramesh Puthussery , Lecturer of Chemistry
  8. Ms. Tahra Talib Al-Rashdi, Lecturer of Environmental Sciences
  9. Mr. Shabbir Ahmed Nadeem, Lecturer of Physics 
  10. Mr. Saifoor Ur Rehman Shinwari, , Lecturer of Physics
  11. Mr. Subramanian Sudalaimuthu, Technician of Chemistry
  12. Mr. Uriel Joseph Erasquin, Technician of Chemistry
  13. Mr. Mario Pajo Alibin, Technician of Physics

Dr. Prabhu on behalf of the department of applied sciences extended a warm welcome to all the staff recruited during this academic year 2014-15. Almost all the 24 new staff members, recruited in this academic year had introduced themselves to the audience.

The staff of the department had shown their gratitude to the Head of the Department and the Heads of the sections by presenting tokens of appreciation with the auditorium reverberating with a big round of applause.

The HoD along with the Heads of sections conducted a general staff meeting from 1-45 to 4 pm, where a number of items are discussed with a very lively discussion and interaction among the staff members and the academic administrators. Mr. Zuhair discussed the introduction of Open Educational Resources, Mrs. Geetha presented with Registration procedures, Mrs. Muna presented with the usage of sophisticated equipment for students doing the projects, Mrs. Uma Salma presented a student case with a mid-term paper, Mr. Saifoor presented with the details of the examination committee and Dr. Pankaj along with Dr. Syed Najmul Hejaz presented about feasibility of research.

The active involvement of Ms. Hafidha, Ms. Siham, Ms. Majda, Ms. Thurayya, Ms. Hamida, Ms. Jalila, Ms. Farah Al Mamari, Mr.Faisal, Mr. Khalid Azzan, Mr. Mohamed Fasiuddin, Dr. Jayachandran, Ms. Azza, Ms. Amira, Ms. Tahra, Ms. Zulaikha and many others in the stage decoration and arrangement of refreshments is highly appreciated.
All the staff members are requested to write their best wishes and loyalty to his Majesty Sultan Qaboos and the ceremony ended with a vote of thanks proposed by Dr. Prabhu with a staff party and a number of group photos. In total a festive atmosphere was established in the hearts of everyone.

Dr. Pankaj & Mr. Mohammed Behjat Ali 

Please click here to view the photos in the event

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