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Digital Transformation

22 April 2021
The Educational Technology Center organized a seminar in Digital Transformation on April 21, 2021 through online utilizing MS Teams platform from 10:00am to 11:00am.

Dr. Salim Humaid Salim Al Shuaili is the guest speaker for this seminar. He is currently the Senior Executive in in Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology in Oman. He has more than 20 years’ experience working with people in junior, senior, expert and leadership position in the field of Information Technology. He has developed and managed numerous IT projects and systems which is implemented by the Oman government and one of those is the digital transformation align with Oman 2040 vision.

He is a PhD holder specialized in Information, Communication and Technology. A well experienced and certified in his field of expertise.

During the session, Dr. Salim was able to discuss the following topics:
  1. The Difference between Digital and Electronic
  2. The Vsion for Digital Transformation
  3. Core Elements of Digital Transformation
  4. 7 Stages of Digital Transformation
  5. 4IR Technologies
  6. Skills Necessary for Digital Transformation
  7. Plan Your Digital Transformation
  8. The 7 Layers of Digital Transformation
  9. Impact of Digital Transformation in Education Sector
  10. Impact of Covid-19 with the Digital Transformation
  11. Top Digital Transformation Challenges
  12. Benefits of Digital Transformation
  13. The IT Roadmap for Digital Business Transformation

The participants were overwhelmed with the information as Dr. Salim’s presentation was full of knowledge, new terminology and skills related with digital environment.

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