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Editor’s Note by Yasmin Ladha

27 May 2019

It has been a pleasure to be part of Group 10, level 1, Semester 2, at the English Language Centre, HCT.  There is an old Korean saying: There is no royal road to writing.  In this project, Group 10 got the gist.   I, the editor of Puh-lease!  a creative writing anthology, by Group 10, had to dismantle their reliance on a teacher.  I wanted their detail, their process.  For many, it was overwhelming.  I would offer two suggestions to the writer, only to be told, “Ms. you decide.”  To take ownership of their writing has not fully impacted the writers, but it will.  They have begun the journey.

I liked the group’s humor, their decency and their sneakiness.  They took new burpy vocabulary in their stride (from lettuce to cockroaches; from Indian roller-to-butcher; to oh là là).  To these writers, I now bid adieu, and say:

Dear Group 10,

Glide solo, write solo, but without losing your connection to a larger community, be it a classroom or as a global citizen.  This is the route of a pathfinder.  

Yasmin, Your Editor


Bionote:  Yasmin’s fifth book, a joint book of poetry with Sukrita Paul, Country                                    
              Drive, was published by Red River, 2018.  

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