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ELC Health & Safety Student Wardens Training

03 June 2019

As part of continuous Health & Safety Awareness programs and to spread Awareness among the college students about the health and safety policies and procedures and train them to analyze & handle emergencies efficiently, the RHS conducted an activity in order to form a student wardens’ team to facilitate the ELC staff & students in case of emergencies as the students’ ratio is higher compared to the medical resources available on campus. Also, there was a need to spread H&S awareness among staff, students & visitors on the premises of ELC. Hence, the ELC H&S committee with the approval of the Director, Mr. Khalid Salim Al Balushi developed continues awareness program, under which students are trained regularly on the basic first-aid and the fire safety every semester.

Initially, these students join the ‘health club’ under the departmental club activity every semester. Then, a proper training is provided to these students by trained RHS committee members & also by the authorized hospitals, or institutions. After successfully completing the in-house H&S training, the students demonstrate the skills learnt on the occasion of club day & are awarded certificates by the department. Further, when they receive a proper training & a hands-on, they receive certificates from the authorized bodies too.  These clubs are run every semester for six weeks from the date of registration and close on a club day. Meanwhile, students who receive the trainings have to undergo a hands-on practice under the supervision of college internal qualified staff involved in the H&S. Therefore, even the H&S club participates on the club day, amazes and motivates the crowd to join our team.

As a result of this practice, ELC RHS has registered more than 50 students for training within the academic year 2018-19 to handle emergency situations, like medical, fire and earthquake evacuation. These students are also registered into the Higher College of Technology’s evacuation plan. Moreover, we also have involved our regular club members into conferences and events organized by the International Organization of Health & Safety (IOSH) in Oman, and the community engagement activities, like cancer awareness, Oman beach cleanup and event management activities. Therefore, the students not only are learning the lifesaving skills, but are equally acquiring event management skills, communication skill, report writing skills, analytical skills, presentation skills and many more. They also have empathy towards others.

Looking at the effectiveness and popularity of the ELC H&S club, the Assistant Dean Of Admin & Finance Mr. Mazin Al Saadi has proposed to form a college H&S club and provide a proper structure to the club. The students who pass out from the ELC H&S club shall move to the college H&S club by default.  

Report By: Sana Talib Khamis


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