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Post-Foundation Program Semester 3 (17-18) Internal Rewarding System

09 May 2018

Dr. Nasrin Al-Lawati, the Academic Coordinator for the Post-Foundation English Language Program, has introduced an internal rewarding system for her staff. This depends on identifying categories of special characteristics that staff members have and recognizing them one at a time. Winners can be chosen by the staff members themselves through voting, or they can be chosen by the management based on their records.
The new rewarding system started with a focus on the category of the “Most Cooperative Post-Foundation Teacher”. The Post-Foundation teachers voted for the winner during the Post-Foundation staff meeting that took place on Tuesday, 1st May 2018. The winner was Dr. Ramil Ecot, who teaches and coordinates the Technical Writing 1 Course.
Congratulations Dr. Ecot. Well-done and well-deserved.

Written by:
Dr. Nasrin Al-Lawati
Post-Foundation Academic Coordinator

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