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Post-Foundation Department of English Language Center has conducted a Session on the Linkage of “Effective Writing” with “Creative Writing”

11 November 2018

Dr. Nasrin Al Lawati, the Academic Coordinator of the Post-Foundation English Language Program, took a challenging path of revising her book “Effective Writing” (a course book of Technical Writing2).  

Her aim was to update the link between “Effective Writing” and “Creative Writing” (another course book by Dr. Nasrin Al Lawati of Technical Writing1).

A workshop has been conducted on October 4, 2018 at 10:15am in MPH of ELC by the course coordinators to elaborate the connection of Technical Writing1 book with Technical Writing2 book (revised version). 

Dr. Ramil Ecot (Course Coordinator of Technical Writing1) started the workshop and later it was continued by Mr. Adeel Badar (Course Coordinator of Technical Writing2). At the end, Dr. Nasrin Al Lawati invited the teachers to answer the analysis questions that relate to the updated part of the book.   

"Great changes are easier than small one” - (Francis Bacon)


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