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Turnitin and ProQuest Workshop

25 December 2018

The Ministry of Manpower in collaboration with Higher College of Technology, Educational Technology Center, conducted a Proquest and Turnitin Worskhop on December 20, 2018 at the Higher College of Technology Auditorium, which was participated by all key staff and representatives from the 7 Colleges of Technology. The workshop was presented by the Techknowledge company, represented by Mr. Tareq Al Kahwaji and Mr. Ahmad Al Masri.

Mr. Tariq Al Kahwaji from TechKnowledge was the resource speaker for both the sessions. The first session was conducted from 9.00 am to 11.00 am which covered comprehensively about Turnitin. The resource speaker introduced about Turnitin, and elucidated various features and techniques to use it proficiently. The participants learned how to integrate Turnitin with the students’ writing skills to maintain the academic integrity. The participants raised their doubts to be well-versed in using Turnitin. He was capable of clarifying the participants’ doubts at the workshop. 

The second session about ProQuest online databases was commenced at 12.00 noon. It comprised ProQuest e-Books, ProQuest Central and ProQuest Dissertation & Theses global. All these three online databases can be accessed on a single platform (MoM’s Library Portal) with the valid username and password. Mr. Tariq edified the participants one by one and had started with ProQuest central which is mainly for e-Journals. Various features of this database were explained by him. He further told about its subject coverages. Secondly he covered ProQuest e-Book Central in detail with various examples to make every one understand well. ProQuest E-book Central has widest selection of authoritative, scholarly content including over 780,000 titles and 1,350 imprints from more than 650 publishers for all major subjects. Afterwards he moved to ProQuest Dissertation and theses. It includes 4 million works from more than 3,000 universities all over the world. In this workshop, he described the importance of these databases and showed how to find the required information by using different options such as basic search, advanced search, browse and alert service. He showed how to narrow down our query to improve the accuracy of the result. The workshop was designed to understand the features and capabilities of all three databases in depth. Most importantly, the doubts raised by the participants were answered by him meticulously. All participants were active during the whole session. Overall both the sessions were highly informative and educative.

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