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The ELC Post Foundation conducted a “Session on Organizing a Scientific Descriptive Essay”

03 December 2018

With the aim of having uniformity in discussing the organization of Scientific Descriptive Essay, Dr. Nasrin Al-Lawati, the Academic Coordinator, directed the TW1 Coordinator, Dr. Ramil to design a workshop for the benefit of the TW1 teachers. The purpose of the workshop was to provide all TW1 Teachers with significant knowledge and skills for teaching the Scientific Descriptive Essay.

The workshop was conducted by the course coordinator Dr. Ramil E. Ecot, PhD., on November 15th, 2018 from 10:00am to 12:00 noon in the ELC Multipurpose hall. A series of activities were performed and these were focused on organizing the scientific descriptive essay.

Dr. Nasrin Al-Lawati, the PF Academic Coordinator summed up by explaining the link between the essay sample in the book, “The Sun and the lion on page 42.”

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