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Educational Technology Center Commemorates Omani Women's Day

29 October 2019

Since His Majesty’s declaration of Omani Women’s Day during the Women’s Symposium in 2009, the Sultanate of Oman celebrated it every 17th of October. And this year, to commemorate the occasion, Mrs. Rehana Al Ameer, Head of Educational Technology Center together with the Head of Sections namely, (1) Ms. Zayana Al Sinawi, Head of Computer Services Section; (2) Ms. Nawal Al Dhanki, Head of Educational Services Section and; (3) Ms. Najiya Al Omrani, Head of Library Services Section worked together with all ETC female staff to prepare some activities which was enjoyed by Omani Women.

HCT Library female staff distributed flowers to Omani students (Women) across the college.

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