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Staff Training Development : Awareness on F-Secure Anti-Virus

27 March 2018

Data Center Team under the management of Mrs. Zayana Al Sinawi, Head of Computer Service Section is managing the F-Secure anti-virus software and installed it to more than 2,000 computers across the college for protection against viruses, spyware, infected e-mail attachments and other malware that can damage the staff’s computer and data.

As part of Data Center’s implementation, Mr. Yasir Arafath, System Administrator organized an awareness session and invited Mr. Osman Al Karim from Insight Company.  The objective of the session was conducted to all server owners and selected technical staff for them to be able to understand the different aspect of using F-Secure such as Policy Management and other features involves in the said antivirus software.

This session was supported by Ms. Mahfoodha Saleh Al Farqani, Team Leader of Data Center and approved by Mrs. Rehana Al Ameer, Head of Educational Technology Center.

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