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ETC Participated in the College Open Day - March 20, 2018

27 March 2018

Educational Technology Center participated in the College Open Day last March 20, 2018 with the initiative of Mrs. Rehana Al Ameer, Head of Center with full support from the three Section Heads namely, (1) Mrs. Zayana Al Sinawi, Head of CSS; (2) Mrs. Nawal Al Dhanki, Head of ESS; and (3) Mrs. Najiya Al Omrani, Head of LSS.

At 10:00am, Mrs. Rehana, instructed all ETC Staff to attend the opening ceremony. The center offered free services at Self Access Center assisted by the technical team, supervised by Mr. Pridiviradje to both students and staff such as: (1) Email Configuration on their smart phones; (2) Free Installation of AUTO CAD Software with 3 years warranty; and (3) Configuration of Office 365.

The following activities were organized to test the knowledge and technical skills of students:
1. Penetrate a Secure Network. Network team, headed by Ms. Najma Al Mahrooqi, organized this competition to expose the students to technical learning test the skills and capabilities of the students on penetrating a secured network. It is an individual activity, four students     registered but unfortunately only two students showed up and they were not able to penetrate the network but they were given a consolation prize.
2. Network Set-up & Configuration Activity. This is another activity from the network team and the objective is to set up and configure a network and crack or trace a route to find the file in a secure network within 40 minutes. It’s a group activity and it requires five members in each group. A total of twenty students registered in this activity. Nobody were able to do the complete tasks. All students who participated in this activity were given consolation prizes.
3. Top users of Office 365. Data Center Team, led by Ms. Mahfoodha Al Farqani, gave special gifts to recognize those top users of Office 365 both for students and staff across the college.
4. Library Service Section, spearheaded by Ms. Najiya Al Omrani organized the Library Day along with the College Open Day for HCT Students. Dr. Kalilur Rahman facilitated the following competition.
 a. Reading Competition (Arabic & English Category). A total of sixteen students registered in reading competition, fourteen in Arabic category and two in English category. Ms. Suhair Al Essaie, from Applied Science Department won the 1st prize in Arabic category while Ms. Ghaidaa Mohammed Al Harthi, from Engineering Department bagged the 1st in English Category. Judges of this event were from ELC Department namely: (1) Ms. Khulood Al Adi ;and (2) Mr. Kamal Al Belloumi.
 b. Scavenger Hunt. Six students participated in this activity and Ms. Johkha Shadhan Al Wardi and Ms. Sumaiya Saif Al Saadi both from Applied Science won.
 c. The LSS awarded Ms. Zainab Ahmad Al Muqaimi from Engineering Department as the best borrower.
5. A photo booth with tripod, camera and a backdrop is designed and set up by the ESS Staff at Self Access Center. The session started from 9:00am to 3:00pm, more than 100 both students and staff availed this service which is a collaborative effort by the whole section to provide  the students and staff a more fun filled College Open Day.

ETC Management would like to thank all the staff who actively participated and supported the center in this event, especially to Ms. Halima Mohammed Al Ghassani and Mr. Pridiviradje for providing the snacks to the technical staff working at SAC during the College Open Day.

Photo Credit:
Ruknudeen Anver
Ulysses Andres

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