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HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS! Furap Awarded Projects from HCT (Academic Year: 2018-2019)

30 October 2018

The Research and Consultancy Committee (RCC) is very much pleased and delighted to announce that in a yet another inspirational and scientifically significant research accomplishment, the Higher College of Technology (HCT) Muscat has won a total of 5 Faculty Mentored Undergraduate Research Award Projects (FURAP) in the present academic year (2018-2019). The RCC is overwhelmed with joy and pride in announcing that Applied Sciences Chemistry Faculty, Dr Mohamed Fawaz Silwadi, has exceptionally won a total of 3 FURAP projects in one call. With this, he has broken all previous records and set up a new milestone in the history of FURAP!

The total worth of FURAP approved budget by TRC to HCT is expected to be  OMR 12,000.

The details of FURAP awarded projects are as follow:

Theme A. Culture, Basic and Social Science

1. Preparation and nanoencapsulation of Simvastatin in β-Cyclodextrin-Magnetic nanoconjugates Targeted Drug Delivery and In-Vitro Study
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Silwadi, Mohammed
Research Team: Fatma Al-Yayai, Fatma Al-Rashdi, Anwar Al-Humimi and Fatma Al-Kindi

Theme B. Environment & Bio resources

2. Smart Building for Sustainable Agriculture and Providing Food Security in Oman
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Al-Dulaimi, Muazaz
Research Team: Hatham Al Hashmi, Ismail alhadrami, Yousuf Alghafri, Ghadeer Alomairi and Ghazwa Al Hrassi

Theme C. Industry & Energy

3. Activated Carbon for Seawater Desalination
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Wafa Aqib Nasir Al-Rawahi
Research Team: Maryam Saud AlHashmi and Marwa Yahya AlRiymi

4. Anaerobic Digestion of semi-solid organic waste in Oman: Bio-gas Production and Process Optimization
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Silwadi, Mohammed
Research Team: Zainab Al-Harrasi, Badriya Al-Hajji and Shamsa Al-Wahaibi

Theme D. Health & Social Development

5. Impact of Repetitive Use of Vegetable Cooking Oil on Fatty Acid Composition and various Physicao-Chemical Properties – Case of Frying Lokaimat, Falafil and Potato Chips
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Silwadi, Mohammed
Research Team: Wafa Al-Shoaili, Ahood Al Uwaisi, and Raqiya Al Mahrouqi.

It is worth mentioning that all these TRC funded FURAP research projects would be eligible for participation in the TRC Annual National Research Award (NRA) for the academic year 2019-2020. On behalf of the Honorable Dean, Assistant Deans and the College Council, the RCC once again congratulates all the winners of TRC-FURAP projects and wishes them all the best!

Conducting rigorous research, finding solutions to local and global problems that help in the creation of knowledge that adds significantly to the present literature is a key component in any higher educational institute. The HCT Muscat is constantly proving itself as a new hot-spot of high quality student centered research in Oman and Middle East. For around past 10 years the HCT students have won many prestigious International and National scientific and entrepreneurship competitions; published many research papers in highly ranked scientific journals with commendable Science Citation Index (SCI) rankings and impact factors as recognized by The Research Council of Oman (TRC).

Once again we congratulate all the winners and wish them good luck for their future research endeavors.  



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