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Innovation in Health Sector Forum

11 May 2022

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department (EID) staff attended the "Innovation in Health Sector Forum" that Royal Hospital organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Ministry of Higher Education Research and Innovation (MOHERI). A keynote speaker presented the programs and initiatives that facilitate innovation and are offered by MOHERI to encourage more engagement and participation from all sectors. The forum discussed the importance of creating sustainable health market innovations and tackled the process of identifying and accelerating the adoption of innovations in the health sector. The forum encouraged UTAS to share the challenges faced by the health industry with innovators and link them with students' innovations to benefit the industry and close the gaps between the two sectors. The discussion was enriching as many professionals gave valuable insights into the directions of innovation and Oman 2040 innovation-related visions.​
The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department (EID) staff prepared a stand with a poster containing EID's efforts in entrepreneurship and innovation. Participants in the exhibition discussed UTAS-Muscat's efforts in promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, the activities conducted on campus, and the achievements received.​

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